2022 Excellence Awards

Every year we celebrate the amazing doctors working in rural and remote Australia for their skills, professionalism, and dedication to their communities.

The ACRRM and RDAA Excellence Awards are presented at the annual Rural Medicine Australia (RMA) conference awards dinner, which this year is being held at Parliament House in Canberra on Friday 14 October. Attending this event provides the opportunity to applaud deserving award winners for their contributions to rural and remote medicine. 

The 2022 Excellence Awards have now closed. Keep an eye on this space for the 2022 award winners. Nominations for next year's awards will open in early 2023. 


Award categories 


Life Fellowship is the highest and most prestigious ACRRM award. It is reserved for Fellows who have rendered outstanding and meritorious service to the College and made a contribution of international significance to rural and remote medicine. Life Fellowship is limited to ten Fellows at any one time, and no more than two Fellows may be admitted in any one financial year (1 July to 30 June).

Recipients will have ongoing membership subscriptions to the College waived and maintain full voting rights.

Previous award winners:

  • 2021 - Dr Louis Peachey
  • 2017 - Mark Craig
  • 2010 - Colin Owen
  • 2009 - Tom Doolan
  • 2007 - Ian Wronski
  • 2006 - Roger Strasser
  • 2003 - John Shepherd 

Honorary Fellowships may be awarded to medical practitioners or, in special circumstances, non-medical persons, who have provided a significant contribution to ACRRM and education, research or general service in the field of rural generalism. 

It is limited to 20 persons at any one time, and no more than two people may be admitted in any one year (1 July to 30 June).

Recipients who are not members of the College will receive honorary membership status without voting rights. Recipients who are already members will have ongoing membership subscriptions waived and maintain full voting rights. 

Previous award winners:

  • 2017 - Pat Giddings
  • 2016 - Michael Catchpole
  • 2014 - Frank Moloney
  • 2012 - Nola Maxfield
  • 2010 - Rick McLean
  • 2008 - Denis Lennox
  • 2008 - Bill Nimo
  • 2007 - Jack Best
  • 2007 - David Mildenhall
  • 2007 - Geoff White
  • 2007 - Richard Hays
  • 2007 - Max Kamien
  • 2005 - James Muir
  • 2002 - Raymond Kernutt

Honorary Membership recognises exceptional and/or significant service to the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and/or rural and remote medicine. Honorary Membership may be awarded to persons who do not have a registrable medical qualification.

Recipients of this award will receive honorary membership status of the College. They will not pay subscription fees and will not hold voting rights.

Previous award winners:

The Distinguished Service Awards recognise Fellows, members, or non-medical persons who have provided a specific and significant contribution to rural and remote medicine.

Previous award winners:

The Peter Graham 'Cohuna' Award recognises members or Fellows who have provided outstanding advocacy and medical service to their community to ensure the maintenance of the highest quality of generalist skills, particularly in procedural practice. This award is offered in honour of the late Dr Peter Graham, AO, who passed away in 2008, aged 80. Peter provided dedicated service as a doctor in Cohuna, in rural Victoria, for nearly 50 years.

Previous award winners:

  • 2021 - Dr Diana Cross 
  • 2020 - Dr Jeff Robinson
  • 2019 - Dr Peter Barker
  • 2018 - Louise Baker
  • 2017 - Mike Moynihan
  • 2016 - David Senior
  • 2015 - Paul Mara
  • 2014 - Stephen Morris
  • 2013 - John Menzies
  • 2012 - Bruce Chater
  • 2011 - Les Woollard
  • 2010 - Lindsay Sherriff
  • 2009 - Peter Rischbieth
  • 2008 - Sheilagh Cronin 

This ACRRM and RDAA award is given to a registrar who deserves to be recognised for their dedication to their community or to the advancement of rural health. The award carries a plaque, citation- and of course, national recognition of peers and senior practitioners.

Previous award winners:

  • 2021 - Dr James Padley
  • 2020 - Dr Aaron Hawkins
  • 2019 - Dr Allison Hempenstall
  • 2018 - Dr Bryce Nicol
  • 2017 - Michelle Hannan and Teena Downton
  • 2016 - Kate Kloza
  • 2015 - Sarah Farlow and Sarah Koffmann
  • 2014 - Sally Singleton
  • 2013 - Crystal Pidgeon
  • 2012 - Tonia Marquardt
  • 2011 - Adele van der Merwe
  • 2010 - Sarah McEwan
  • 2009 - Kylie Sterry
  • 2008 - Oscar Whitehead 

ACRRM's President's Prize awards two promising medical students with an all-expenses paid trip to the Rural Medicine Australia (RMA) conference, including flights, accommodation, social events and a meet and greet with the ACRRM President.

Please note: Applications for the 2022 prize have closed. Watch this space for announcement of the 2022 winners, and details of the 2023 prize. 

Previous award winners