ACRRM is excited to be provided the opportunity to directly deliver training to registrars on the fully government-funded Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPT) from 2023. The College is on track to implement a College-led training model built on the evidence and success of the AGPT and blended with experience and success in delivering training through our Independent Pathway (IP) and the new Rural Generalist Training Scheme (RGTS). We are committed to ensuring the ACRRM Fellowship Program remains high quality and continues to address the future needs of rural doctors and their communities.


College Discussion Paper

Read about the College’s proposed model of delivery for the ACRRM Fellowship Program following transition of the Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPT) to a College-led system in 2023.



ACRRM is a member of the Transition to College-Led Training Advisory Committee (TLTAC) which meets monthly to provide advice to the Australian Government on the transition of the AGPT Program.


College Transition Charter

ACRRM has established a Charter outlining how we will work to meet our commitment to achieving College-led Training.


ACRRM is the only GP College which has experience directly delivering training to registrars. For more than 15 years, we have directly delivered the Independent Pathway program, and in 2021 we became the only College chosen to deliver the government funded Rural Generalist Training Scheme. We have the Curriculum, education, training and assessment programs in place, and we are building our teams of training officers, medical educators, supervisors and training posts across the regions.

If you are planning to apply for the Australian General Practice Training program with ACRRM this year, you can be confident in our proven track record in setting professional standards for practice, lifelong education, and support and advocacy, for specialist General Practitioners and Rural Generalists.

The AGPT program will transition to ACRRM and RACGP from 2023. If you are an AGPT registrar currently training with GP Synergy in NSW or ACT, you will transition to ACRRM in 2022 - please refer to this media release.

The ACRRM model for College-led Training will encompass all registrar training on AGPT, Rural Generalist Training Scheme (RGTS) and the Independent Pathway (IP).

No matter how your training journey is funded, you will work towards Fellowship undertaking training, education and assessment which is mapped to the proven ACRRM Rural Generalist Curriculum.  You will be supported by experienced training officers, medical educators, supervisors and regional network coordinators, who understand what it takes to achieve Fellowship while working and living across diverse locations in rural and remote Australia.

ACRRM is working with the RTOs and the Department of Health to transition all activities and placements to the College.

We recognise College-led Training as an opportunity to engage closely with registrars, understanding your individual requirements, and for you to build strong relationships with your support team and experience collegiality with peers.

There are no changes to the application process for this AGPT intake. ACRRM is already managing application and selection of the AGPT program, working with the RTOs to determine placement needs for registrars and for local communities.

Read the ACRRM AGPT Eligibility Guide for further information on application and selection. You can also find out more here.

The Transition of the ACRRM Training Program from AGPT by 2023 discussion paper outlines our proposed model of delivery. Please view it here.

You can also find out more information on the ACRRM website, including: