There's a line that distinguishes Rural Generalists from General Practitioners. It's a line that starts on a map and ends with a deep commitment to providing above and beyond healthcare for diverse communities across rural and remote Australia.

At ACRRM we know about that line because we have continued to follow it for 25 years, leading us to where we are today - a College with direction and purpose; a College which inspires, supports and guides its members to a meaningful career which plays an integral role in the vitality and wellbeing of the communities they serve.

As we celebrate 25 years, we recognise the strength, determination and passion of those who forged the College and we embrace their success. This is a pivotal time for the College, and we look ahead with excitement to a future which includes directly supporting more Rural Generalists to provide more rural and remote communities with above and beyond healthcare.


Presidents' Messages

ACRRM's distinguished list of Past Presidents reflect on their time at the helm, and the legacy that has shaped the College over the last 25 years.


Share Your Story and Photos

As ACRRM celebrates this milestone, we want to hear your stories about the impact the College has had on your career and community, and your favourite memories. Your photos will also provide a snapshot into special moments through the eyes of our members.


Photo Gallery

Take a look at photos from ACRRM's 25th Anniversary events, and those captured by College members over the years.

ACRRM milestones

  • 1997
    ACRRM established
  • 1997
    President elected
    Dr John W (Jack) Shepherd
  • 1997-1998
    Ministerial Review of General Practice Training
  • 1998
    Primary Curriculum developed
  • 1999
    President elected
    Lexia R Bryant
  • 2000
    GP Training is regionalised
  • 2000
    President elected
    Professor Ian Wronski
  • 2001
    Vocational Training program established
  • 2001
    Professional Development program introduced
  • 2002
    Rural Clinical Guidelines established
  • 2003
    President elected
    Dr Alan (Bruce) Chater
  • 2005
    President elected
    Dr David Campbell
  • 2006
    AST program introduced
  • 2007
    Recognised under the Health Insurance Act
  • 2007
    President elected
    Dr Dennis Pashen
  • 2008
    Rural Generalist pathway recognised by Queensland Health
  • 2009-2010
    Start of International Program
  • 2009
    President elected
    Dr Jeffrey Ayton
  • 2010
    First IMG on Specialist Pathway
  • 2011
    ACRRM registrars exceed 500
  • 2011
    ACRRM awarded full AMC accreditation
  • 2011
    President elected
    Professor Richard Murray
  • 2013
    Hosted the inaugural World Summit on Rural Generalist Medicine
  • 2014
    President elected
    Assoc Professor Lucie Walters
  • 2016
    President elected
    Assoc Professor Ruth Stewart
  • 2017
    Hosted World Summit on Rural Generalist Medicine
  • 2017
    Hosted the 14th World Rural Health Conference
  • 2018
    President elected
    Assoc Professor Ewen McPhee
  • 2020
    Took over selection of AGPT
  • 2020
    President elected
    Dr Sarah Chalmers
  • 2023
    College-led Training to be implemented