The College has established an investment program to manage its retained earnings.

Macquarie Wealth is managing the invested funds on behalf of the College and in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that has been developed to govern the investment activities.

ACRRM Investment Policy

View the ACRRM investment policy.





A conservative investment approach has been adopted and the Board exercises close stewardship of the portfolio to ensure it supports the College’s objectives while earning growth and income.

The primary investment objectives of the portfolio are to:

  • Invest in a manner suitable for the aims, objectives, priorities and philosophy of the College;
  • Adopt appropriate investment strategies to protect the real purchasing power of the portfolio's funds and generate regular total return; and
  • Provide adequate liquid assets to fund the cash requirements of the College, without substantially risking the capital value of the portfolio.

Income generated from investment activities is used to support operational activities of the College.




Investing is not without risk. We have constructed a diversified portfolio with the aim to maintain the real purchasing power of the fund after inflation and provide a stable source of income, liquidity, and growth.

The Board retains ultimate responsibility for ensuring the investment of funds is properly managed. It has the authority to set broad operational guidelines and strategies for the management of these funds within the applicable policies.



Ethical Considerations

Ethical Investment considerations have been included within the IPS. The Board is committed to ensuring that all investments fulfill the ethical criteria of the College. As a result, the College does not directly invest in sectors, industries or companies involved in the manufacture or production of tobacco, armaments, alcohol or gambling.