ACRRM TeleHealth Provider Directory- National Health Services Directory

ACRRM Agrees in Principle to Share TeleHealth Data with the NHSD

The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) has agreed in principle to work with the operators of the National Health Services Directory to consider a direct feed of provider information from the ACRRMTelehealth Provider Directory into the NHSD.

While the details of the agreement are still being worked out,it is hoped that by sharing information, telehealth providers and Medicare Locals will not have to double up on their information, the college's strategic programs manager for eHealth, Vicki Sheedy, said.

“It remains the first and most comprehensive non-commercial directory of telehealth services available in Australia,” Ms Sheedy said.

“ACRRM owns the IP for this directory, and we are committed to maintaining our directory as a comprehensive source of information regarding telehealth-enabled providers. However, we are prepared in principle to share this information with other directories, including the NHSD.

“The ACRRM directory is already publicly available, however the costs for establishing data transfer arrangements and renegotiating governance and consent arrangements to populate the NHSD will need to be covered.”

Ms Sheedy said that for a telehealth directory to work effectively, it needs more than just a listing of specialists, nurses, Aboriginal health workers, midwives or GPs who offer telehealth services.

“Clinicians need to be able to find out what technology the other party is using to enable them to establish a telehealth connection. Interoperability remains a major issue to the delivery of telehealth services.”

In addition to the provider directory, ACRRM has also developed a telehealth technology directory which has a thriving list of equipment suppliers as well as a separate list of facilitated telehealth solutions.

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