Program Overview

The ACRRM Drug and Alcohol Addiction Education (DAAE) Program features a suite of incentivised* training activities designed to strengthen your capacity to address drug and alcohol addiction in your community.

The training activities in the DAAE program include: online courses, virtual workshops and interactive webinars. These activities have been created by rural and remote addiction experts, supported with real-world resources you can use in your day-to-day practise.

Supporting your local community

The DAAE learning activities will improve your knowledge and confidence in assessing and managing alcohol and other drug related conditions in your community. You will dive into the effects of addiction beyond the individual, exploring the broader social impacts to families and communities. The activities will connect you and your patients with support stakeholders across your community, as well as guide you through changes in Medicare and other legislation which affects the management of addiction.

Government Grant Available

Eligible ACRRM members can claim incentive grants up to a total of $4,200* for successfully completing the three activities in the DAAE program.

If you're not an ACRRM member, join now to gain access to these high-quality learning activities to help you support your community.

Tick off your CPD

All three activities part of the DAAE attract up to 21.5 CPD hours on the ACRRM professional development program and count towards your triennium.

RACGP CPD Program participants can also apply for CPD Program points through the RACGP Self-directed notification form after completing this activity.