Radiology can form part of any Rural Generalist's workload. ACRRM's basic's of Radiology modules are best suited for people who are just starting out in radiology, such as registrars and new Fellows. The 150 Shades of Radiology module is aimed at people with a basic understanding of the principles of radiology and is presented in a case-based discussion style. 




150 Shades of Radiology

This course provides participants with access to 150 cases (and other content) collected and written Dr Tony Lamont from Townsville Base Hospital.


Basics of Radiology - Physics and Optics

The first course in a series of four, demonstrates how radiology machines work and provides a better understanding of why you can (or can't) see a particular structure on commonly requested X-rays.

Chest X-ray

Basics of Radiology - How to Read A Normal Chest X-ray

This second course in a series of four focuses on commonly-requested chest x-rays and shows how to apply a system and make assessments of normality and variations from normality.


Basics of Radiology - Lung Collapses & Consolidations

This third course in a series of four shows how the application of simple rules allows you not only to make a diagnosis but to place it precisely anatomically.

Diffuse Lung Disease

Basics of Radiology - Diffuse Lung Disease

This course demonstrates how to diagnose Diffuse Lung Disease by analysing patterns on X-ray and broadens understanding of lung pathology.