This series of modules is aimed at the future Rural Generalist. They offer students, residents and interns a glimpse of what rural practice looks like. Registrars are also able to take these course as part of their requirement for FACRRM recommended modules. 




Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

This course outlines the social, cultural, historical, economic and political framework that has influenced the current health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


Digital Health

This course considers digital health separately to telehealth and eHealth. Platforms are reviewed in relation to use in the rural and remote context.


Population Health

There is an increasing emphasis on using a "population approach" in the prevention and treatment of illness. Learn about population approach, evidence for this approach, and what it means to rural or remote General Practitioners.


Rural and Remote Context

The course explains the key points of difference of working within a rural and remote context compared to an urban environment.


Self-care and Wellbeing

This course identifies triggers for workplace stress and burnout experienced by rural doctors, and provides strategies and tools to assist with self-care.