What is MDRAP

The More Doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP) is a 3GA program that enables non-vocationally registered doctors to work in rural and remote regions and access Medicare.

The Commonwealth Government funded program offers  a supported, first step to College Fellowship training. MDRAP participants are required to complete one of the two general practice colleges’ education programs.

The ACRRM MDRAP program provides online education specifically tailored for rural and remote medicine and supports doctors to gain general practice experience in rural and remote communities.

After successfully completing online learning and assessment, doctors receive a certificate of completion to provide to their Rural Workforce Agency, which will determine their eligibility for course costs reimbursement in accordance with program guidelines. 

To read the MDRAP Guidelines, visit the Department of Health website



The ACRRM MDRAP Education Program

To meet MDRAP Education Program requirements through ACRRM, eligible participants can either:

1) Successfully complete the bespoke Rural Generalist Foundation Skills suite of five online courses:

The suite is designed to prepare doctors for work in rural and remote practice locations. It takes approximately six hours to complete the full suite which comprises:

2) Successfully complete an alternative set of five of the College’s online courses tailored to meet your educational needs.

Choose from around 100 courses available on ACRRM Online Learning (including any of the RG Foundation Skills suite courses). All courses marked ‘FACRRM recommended’ will satisfy MDRAP Education Program requirements.

Suggestions include:

Breakout: Course selections should be approved by the Rural Workforce Agency supervisor in order to be eligible for course costs reimbursement at completion.

How to access the ACRRM Program

Join ACRRM as a Future Rural Generalist member and you will have access to all ACRRM online courses, including the five RG Foundation Courses, at a reduced fee.

Option 1: ACRRM MEMBERSHIP as a Future Rural Generalist

As a Future Rural Generalist member, you will have access to all of ACRRM’s Online courses.

Membership is $295.

Option 2 : Non-member enrolment

Individual course subscription to the five RG Foundation Skills online courses.

Total cost $475

To complete Option 1:
  1. Apply for membership and enrol in the ‘’Future Rural Generalist’’ member category ($295) by contacting the membership team on 1800 223 226 or email our team
  2. Go to ACRRM Online Learning to view the full range of online course options and enrol in and complete each of the five courses chosen (they may choose to do the  RG Foundation Skills suite).  Note: Choose courses marked as ‘FACRRM recommended’
  3. Upon completion of each course download and store certificate of completion
  4. Upon completion of all 5 courses submit certificates to your Rural Workforce Agency
To complete Option 2:
  1. Go to ACRRM Online Learning and enrol in each of the five RG Foundation Skills courses. Note: To enrol for your first online course you will need to create an account and login as indicated.  When logging in to each course, you will be prompted to provide payment ($95)
  2. Upon completion of each course download and store certificate of completion 
  3. Upon completion of all 5 courses, submit certificates to your Rural Workforce Agency

Benefits of ACRRM Program

  • Completion of FACRRM recommended courses can be credited as Recommended Prior Learning (RPL) toward meeting ACRRM Fellowship education requirements 
  • Program completion can be recognised in the ACRRM Fellowship selection process 
  • Courses can be tailored to your individual learning needs 
  • All online courses are specifically designed for rural and remote doctors 
  • If you choose the ACRRM membership option, this will also entitle you to: 
    • 12 months free access to the College’s full library of online educational resources 
    • 12 months free access to ACRRM online forums, chatgroups and webinars 
    • 12 months discounted prices for ACRRM courses, workshops, conferences and events
More information

Contact the ACRRM membership team on 1800 223 226 or email membership@acrrm.org.au for further information