About RVTS

The Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS) is a flexible, government-funded program providing vocational training for medical practitioners in remote and isolated communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia.

Supervision is facilitated remotely and delivery caters to the unique needs of doctors working in remote communities by supporting them to achieve Fellowship through a distance education model. It allows training to be completed in an accredited post, without leaving your community.

RVTS has two streams of trainees:

  • The Remote Stream for doctors working in rural & remote Australia (*Modified Monash Model 4-7)
  • The AMS Stream, providing training for doctors working in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (*Modified Monash Model 2-7)



Why choose the RVTS:

  • Stay in your practice/ACCHS for the duration of your training
  • A great combination of remote and face to face training and supervision
  • Personalised supervision and comprehensive support, including a cultural mentor for AMS registrars.
  • High Fellowship achievement rate
  • RVTS registrars eligible for the A1 Medicare schedule
  • RVTS is fully funded by the Australian Government



Hear from our RVTS registrars

What I was looking for was a training provider that allowed me to stay in my community at all times... the beauty of RVTS is that all the training is provided online - it comes to you. It's family-friendly... why wouldn't I choose RVTS?

RVTS provided great support throughout my training. I completed my AST in Paediatrics in 2020, and have remained working in Childers as a GP while providing on-call support at the local hospital. With the support of the RVTS program, I navigated the Fellowship exams with ease – I am pleased now to have joined the RVTS ME team as a FACRRM medical educator.

With RVTS, I am committed to supporting registrars to achieve Fellowship, as they continue in their vital role within their community.


Dr Fiona Watson
Past RVTS registrar, now RVTS medical educator, FACRRM

Fiona Watson

I think this is the best program in Australia - it supports rural doctors from a distance and gives them confidence and satisfaction. I thank RVTS for supporting me. I know the town appreciates me because I have stayed during and after training. RVTS is very supportive and so I fully recommend this program.

Dr Ashraf Labib
RVTS Supervisor and GP Specialist in Central NSW



Ashraf Labib





Eligibility Criteria

Full eligibility details for both streams can be found on the RVTS website.




The rural context underpins every aspect of ACRRM’s training program, including assessment, which is mapped back to the curriculum. Assessment on RVTS is undertaken in regular intervals throughout the training journey. 

Visit our assessment page for more in depth information on assessment modalities. 





Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (FACRRM) is recognised by the Australian Medical Council as a standard medical practitioners must attain to be recognised for the specialty of general practice. 

The Fellowship program has been developed by rural doctors for generalists working in a rural or remote context equipping them for rural and urban practice. 

FACRRM demonstrates you can confidently and competently work independently in the broadest range of locations and environments. Fellowship provides access to the maximum benefits available under Medicare’s A1 items for you and your patients. 

FACRRM is identified as a preferred qualification by recruiters.

All pathways lead to Vocational Recognition as a Specialist (General Practice) through the Australian Medical Council (AMC) with reciprocal arrangements through other medical colleges. 

Independent Pathway registrars are offered greater flexibility and input into planning their education, meeting their Fellowship requirements and accessing individualised training placements. Registrars train directly through the College and are supported by a dedicated team of Training Officers and Medical Educators. Independent Pathway registrars are not restricted by Government funding requirements and policy. 

AGPT or RVTS education, training and support is provided by Regional Training Organisations (RTOs). Registrars on these pathways must meet ACRRM Fellowship requirements whilst also adhering to policies and procedures, as stipulated by the RTO and Government. 

The standard for all Fellowship assessments is of a doctor practising safely, confidently and independently in a full and diverse range of healthcare settings across Australia, with particular focus on rural and remote settings.

While you may attempt an assessment once the minimum training time eligibility, or equivalent Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) has been met for that modality, it is important to be well prepared prior to enrolling. Your Training Officer and Medical Educator will provide personalised advice on when, and in what training post, an assessment attempt is recommended.

A programmatic approach to the assessment requirements is also strongly recommended. For further information please refer to the Fellowship Training Handbook.

There are several of modality specific assessment support programs offered to registrars by the College and Regional Training Organisations (RTOs). Some of these include formal study groups, mock exams and face to face workshops. 

The College recommends completion of the relevant support program the semester prior to the planned attempt, to allow familiarisation with the context and format of the assessment. Assessment support programs allow participants to receive individualised feedback on their performance and guidance on their continued preparation. 

The Registrar Committee also provides registrars with a guide for all ACRRM assessments. 

Registrars can be awarded a maximum of two years RPL on the RVTS program.

Registrars must submit an application for RPL through their training provider.

The training provider must support your application and check that it is complete and has the required supporting documentation. prior to submitting the application to the College.

View the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy.

How to apply

RVTS will conduct a mid-year intake for training to commence in January 2023.

Applications for this intake of the RVTS GP and Rural Generalist Fellowship Training Program open from Monday 15 August to Sunday 4 September 2022
  • Step 1
    Apply on the RVTS website



Key dates

Applications open - Monday 15 August 2022

Applications close - Sunday 4 September 2022

Situational Judgement Test - 19-30 September 2022

Interviews - 19-30 September 2022

Training commencement date for mid-year intake - January 2023

  • Step 2
    Situational Judgement Test
    Refer to the RVTS website for further information
  • Step 3
    Refer to the RVTS website for further information