See More, Do More, Be More ...

ACRRM members have one thing in common - a desire to See More, Do More and Be More. Whether they are working in central Victoria, on the rugged Western Australian coastline, in the tropics of North Queensland or the farmlands of New South Wales and further afield, they are committed to being the best Rural Generalist they can, supporting rural and remote people with excellent health care.

The College mission is to be a vibrant professional home for members that delivers inspiration, collegiality, value and social accountability. We strive to make a positive difference for our members and the lives and health of rural and remote people. We do this by providing professional development, advocacy, resources and networking opportunities to equip you with the specialised skills and knowledge you need to confidently provide world-leading rural and remote health care.

With a membership type to suit all stages of your career, join today to access a range of member benefits.


Reasons to join:

Whether you are a student considering a career as a Rural Generalist, a registrar developing your specialist rural skills or a FACRRM committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), ACRRM will provide support throughout your career through: 

Did you know your membership allows you to contribute to College advocacy by:

  • Joining a College Committee in your area of interest
  • Providing input to College submissions
  • Helping inform policy and reforms
  • Delivering addresses to promote local health agendas
  • Representing your community interests and concerns

Benefit and access up-to-date resources which support your workplace and community including:

  • Free job board advertising 
  • Subscription to our weekly newsletter, Country Watch and other College news 
  • Community resources including information on COVID-19, opioid prescribing and national disaster readiness and recovery

ACRRM members are adventurous, inspirational and committed to excellence, and willing to share their knowledge, experience and skills to the benefit of their colleagues. There are many ways to engage, including: 

  • Networking, learning and information sharing on the member-only Connect@ACRRM online platform 
  • Access to the ACRRM Mentoring Program, Mentor Match
  • Discounts to attend face-to-face courses and the annual RMA conference
  • The opportunity to meet the Board and Council at state-based networking events

(ACRRM) was an easy choice for my Rural Generalist training journey. There are a multitude of reasons extending from diligent college supports, to training opportunities, but the most important reason for me was flexibility and scope within my training. And ACRRM provides that

Dr Dan Wilson

ACRRM member

Read Dan’s story here

Meet our Members 

Are you a student considering a career in rural generalism?

Take advantage of this special offer:
$30 for the duration of your degree!

Student membership

When you join the College as a student member, you are taking an important step towards your future career as a Rural Generalist medical practitioner. You will be joining a national network of medical professionals who share your dedication for quality medical care for all Australian communities.

For a one-off membership fee of $30, you will be a member of the College for the duration of your undergraduate or post graduate studies in medicine or a health-related discipline. As you complete your degree, you will have the option to upgrade to our Ordinary Member - Resident/Intern type, giving you all the member benefits of the College.


Membership types and fees

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership Fee
Part Time
You are a practitioner or academic working an average less than 20 hours per week, in Australia
Annual Rate: 770.00

Pro-rata Rate: 705.86
Full Time
You are a practitioner or academic working more than 20 hours per week, in Australia
Annual Rate: 1260.00

Pro-rata Rate: 1155.04
You have retired from medical practice but maintain a keen interest in rural medical issues
Annual Rate: 0.00

Pro-rata Rate: 0.00
Extended Leave
You are taking extended leave (e.g. maternity, study), intending to return to practice eventually
Annual Rate: 175.00

Pro-rata Rate: 160.42
You are a practitioner registered with AHPRA living or working outside Australia
Annual Rate: 495.00

Pro-rata Rate: 453.77
IMG Specialist Pathway
You are an International Medical Graduate on the ACRRM Specialist Pathway
Annual Rate: 435.00

Pro-rata Rate: 398.76
You must be enrolled in vocational training with ACRRM (AGPT, RGTS, IP or RVTS) to be eligible for this membership type
Annual Rate: 430.00

Pro-rata Rate: 394.18
Resident or Intern
As an Intern you are in PGY 1 and are still under supervision. You only work in accredited intern positions and do not undertake any clinical work outside their allocated intern position. As a Resident you are PGY 2-3 and working in a hospital (yet to commence specialist training) This includes Resident Medical Officers (RMO) or Hospital Medical Officers (HMO).
Annual Rate: 65.00

Pro-rata Rate: 59.59
Joint (Couples)
You and your partner are both currently full-time practitioners. Price per person
Annual Rate: 990.00

Pro-rata Rate: 907.53
Group Practice
You work in a practice with at least two other practitioner members of ACRRM * Please contact ACRRM directly to apply for Group Practice Membership
Annual Rate: 1160.00

Pro-rata Rate: 1063.37


Associate Membership

Associate Membership Fee
You are enrolled in an Australian accredited undergraduate or graduate course in medicine or health. Once only fee for the duration of your studies
One off rate for the duration of your medical degree: 30.00

(Pro-rata rates do not apply for this membership category)
Health Professional
You are an allied health professional/administrator (e.g. nurse, paramedic, physician's assistant, practice manager, or any registered health professional)
Annual Rate: 145.00

Pro-rata Rate: 132.92
IMG Associate
You are an unregistered overseas trained doctor (OTD) seeking to obtain registration in Australia and keen to learn more about and be connected to Rural and Remote practice.
Annual Rate: 200.00

Pro-rata Rate: 183.34
Future RG
Future Rural Generalist
Annual Rate: 295.00

Pro-rata Rate: 270.43