Telehealth Education

ACRRM has developed an Online Telehealth Module which can be accessed  via this site.

ACRRM's 'Introduction to Telehealth' education module

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This module is primarily aimed at clinicians and practice managers who organise, participate or facilitate the patient end of the telehealth consultation. While the case studies feature rural and remote general practice, rural aged care, and the operational arrangements which relate to the Australian Government’s MBS telehealth initiative, the module is relevant to all general practitioners, practice managers, and other clinical staff involved in organising or providing telehealth services.

It features a series of case studies including a rural GP and his patients and an orthopaedic surgeon.
This footage was shot at Bright in Victoria with Dr Paul Duff and simultaneously in Wangaratta with Dr Michael Falkenberg.
It features a real telehealth consultation with a consenting patient

ACRRM extends its thanks to these doctors, practice staff and patients who donated their time and expertise to this project.

ACRRM also provides non- health service staff (telehealth support officers) who are members of the ACRRM Telehealth Support Officer (TSO) network with access to this module. Enrolment in this module is free.

Please be aware that the content of this module is copyright and must not be re-used in any form without written  permission from ACRRM.

This project was funded by the Australian Government, Department of Health.

On completion of this module, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the main clinical, technical and contextual aspects of telehealth relevant to their practice;
  • Make an initial assessment about the best way to introduce or expand telehealth services in their practice;
  • Formulate an implementation plan for the introduction or expansion of telehealth services in their practice;
  • Conduct a safe and effective telehealth consultation.

Other educational activity includes:

  • F2F presentations/ workshops in partnership with Medicare Locals , NACCHO, Rural Workforce Agencies, Rural Doctors Associations
  • Discussion groups via the forums on eHealth
  • One-on-one consultations with clinicians systemised via the Requirements Analysis Process
  • Conferences-
  • See presentation by Dr David Allen  delivered at the last RMA in Alice Springs  to an audience of rural and remote doctors

This work complements our successful store and forward Telehealth educational services:


The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) is pleased to announce that Tele-Derm is now available to all rural and remote doctors as part of a  partnership with the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing under the Rural Health Outreach Fund (RHOF).

Tele-Derm is an internationally recognised online resource designed primarily for rural doctors interested in obtaining practical advice on the diagnosis and management of skin disease in general practice. 

Through Tele-Derm, GPs are able to access online dermatological case studies, education opportunities, recommended links, and discussion forums where rural doctors from anywhere in Australia can electronically submit their own specific de-identified cases for assessment. Our resident Dermatologist, Dr Jim Muir, provides free advice on diagnosis and management of cases submitted to the forums. 

Tele-Derm is hosted through ACRRM's Rural and Remote Medical Education Online (RRMEO) [].