Apunipima Cape York Health Council

Distant end practitioner

Located in CAIRNS, QLD

Apunipima Cape York Health Council is the lead agency representing the health needs of the people of Cape York and provides a range primary health care services to communities across the Cape with the aim of supporting Cape York communities own solutions to live long healthy lives, strengthening our culture and regaining our spirit.

Originally an advocacy organisation, Apunipima's 100 plus staff now deliver primary health care to communities across Cape York. Located in premises at McCoombe Street, Cairns and within local Cape York communities, the staff and the Board are constantly working to create an environment that will facilitate an improvement in the health of individuals and communities in Cape York.

Our Primary Health Care Unit has a full complement of chronic disease services, maternal and child health service and have a burgeoning men's health team.

It includes Aboriginal health workers, outreach midwives, podiatrists, audiologists, physiotherapists, dieticians and nutritionists, diabetes nurse educators and several doctors. Nearly all Indigenous health workers are based in Cape York communities with a particular priority on delivering high quality and appropriate maternal and child health services directly to Cape York communities.

The emphasis on maternal and child health reflects our four priority areas in health care, which include maternal and child health, chronic disease, social and emotional wellbeing and alcohol, tobacco and substance use and both our funding – New Directions (Federal) and Making Tracks (State-based).

By delivering a target health service program, Apunipima is developing a leading role in population health which encompasses adolescent and adult health screening and targeted health service initiatives focusing on child and maternal health.

Apunipima also provides an increasing range of direct clinical support to Cape York primary health care through these programs and an increasing emphasis on directly preventing and supporting excellence in adult health care delivery particularly as it relates to adult chronic non-communicable disease in remote Cape York communities.

Moving forward Apunipima has a committed investment to working with the mainstream health system to coordinate improved health service delivery, and to fill gaps in services as prioritised by the communities that make up its membership.

Consulting disciplines: Paediatrics and child health

Booking contact: Bernie Singleton - Chairperson, Board
Mobile: 0438 517 450

Cleveland Fagan - Chief Executive Officer

186 McCoombe Street
Bungalow Cairns QLD 4870

Freecall: 1800 653 393
Phone: 07 4081 5600
Fax: 07 4051 7940
Email: reception@apunipima.org.au