Dr Andrew Hua

Distant end practitioner

Located in BALWYN, VIC

I am a Consultant Geriatrician in Melbourne with experience in conducting Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and Management Planning (Item 141) via Telehealth (Item 149).  I have developed my own Geriatric Telehealth Kit for this purpose.  Please email ah [at] gerimed [dot] com [dot] au and send your full name and contact details with message "Please send Geriatric Telehealth Kit". Detailed Instructions included.  Please note copyright applies to some documents.  No medicolegal work accepted.

Consulting disciplines: Geriatrics
Using technologies:
TeleHealth directories: Other...

Consultation times: Appointments by booking only. Normally on Thursday mornings. Contact me for special needs.
Booking contact: Email: ah@gerimed.com.au Give name and contact details and include message "Please send geriatric telehealth kit"

Use email ah@gerimed.com.au