The digital health team will support members in their knowledge, skills and confidence in using digital technologies in everyday practice.  We will work at a local, state and national level to ensure quality healthcare is delivered safely when new technology systems and processes are introduced.  Through collaboration and co-design the College will advocate for the information technology and information management needs of rural and remote communities to ensure the sustainable, safe and appropriate use of technology.



College Information and resources to support telehealth use

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My Health Record

College Information and resources to support rural doctors in using the National My Health Record System.


Electronic Medication Management

Electronic Medication Management seeks to support the national medicines policy and the national quality use of medicines strategy by improving the quality and availability of medicines-related information


Services Australia Online Claiming

Services Australia has a number of channels for online claiming and submitting data, such as BPS Online and the Australian Immunisation Register

FACRRM views on digital health

"The patient journey from home to hospital and back is fraught for rural people. Timely clinical handover, relevant discharge summaries, improved medication management and effective team care reduce secondary impacts such as readmission rates and reduced quality of life, and improve outcomes.

Our youth and more commonly our elderly are turning to online media for information, for advice and for connection. The use of social media to share information and advertise ineffective and low quality health advice is unfortunately commonplace.

For these reasons amongst many there is a compelling case for rural doctors to be a leader in sharing clinical information, providing the backbone for effective clinical communication, and informing population health experts about the specific needs of every unique community.

The patient health summary can inform a local emergency department on key health concerns known by the GP. Digital health can deliver discharge summaries to the relevant GP more quickly than paper or fax. Secure messaging can connect clinicians safely and allow for real time case management of complex patients.

Setting up a ‘digitally connected’ practice, and delivering the quality outcomes that can be achieved is a journey”

Dr Ewen McPhee, ACRRM President

ACRRM Past President
Prof Richard Murray

Dr Tony Lembke , GP Alstonville NSW

Pharmacist Chris Walpole and
Dr Pashen Queenstown, TAS