Services Australia is upgrading its digital health and aged care channels

To continue accessing Services Australia's digital health and aged care channels, you'll need to be using web services - compatible software by 13 March 2022.

The channels impacted are:

  • Medicare Online
  • Australian Immunisation Register
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Online
  • Aged Care Online

If you don't upgrade your software before 13 March 2022, you may need to revert to either:

  • a manual process
  • alternative digital channels where available.

This may disrupt your business and create additional administrative pressure and unnecessary costs.

If you use alternative channels and don't use software to transmit claims and data to the agency, you will not be affected by these upgrades.

What are web services?

A web service enables communication between two devices on a network. It allows digital transactions over the internet between healthcare locations and Services Australia that are private and secure, are flexible and easy to use and can be used across web enabled devices and platforms.

Services Australia provide a list of web services ready developers. If you don’t have a software developer, or they're not developing web services compatible software, you can find developers who are. Go to, and select How to find a software developer.

Benefits of using web services

These changes will ensure Services Australia's digital health and aged care channels are stable and using up-to-date industry standard technology.

Services Australia will also ensure that patient and provider information is secure, now and into the future.

Registering for Provider Digital Access (PRODA) will also reduce the likelihood of risks associated with PKI authentication and ensure business continuity for your healthcare location.