The College has a national network of accredited training organisations that contribute to delivery of the ACRRM Training Program in their local region.

There are nine Regional Training Organisations accredited to deliver training on the AGPT pathway. The Remote Vocational Training Scheme delivers training nationally on the RVTS pathway. The College also delivers training on the Independent Pathway directly.

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Training Officers

The College has designated Training Officers to assist Training Organisations with training our registrars.

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Training Organisation Standards

Training organisations that deliver education and training on behalf of the College are required to meet the ACRRM Standards for Training Organisations.


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Training Organisation Accreditation

An expanded Annual Report including reporting on selected existing standards, new mandatory indicators, and COVID, in addition to the regular requirements is required by 31 March 2021.

The College will review the information collected by the College over the previous year including the Annual Report and issue an accreditation report if all requirements have been satisfactorily met.

Revised process

If further information is required, the College will request additional information in writing or request a face to face (virtual) meeting.

Once accreditation is issued this will provide accreditation status for the following 3 years or until the end of the contract term.

Training organisations will be expected to continue to provide data and documentation to the College. It is expected that training organisations will continue to collaborate with both the representative training officer and the accreditation team.

Supervisors and Training Posts Standards

No changes, accredited posts will continue to meet the standards.

There is more flexibility in who can be a supervisor. Supervisors are not required to demonstrate comparability with a FACRRM. GP and rural mentors are no longer required with training posts.

College forms changing

Yes, post accreditation forms will be amended and published by the end of the year.

The College Recommendation for accreditation of a post for Core Generalist Training form will be amended to

  • Request additional information for recommendations that are outside the norm, for example a recommendation for a supervisor who has only recently attained Fellowship and
  • Remove questions on FACRRM equivalence (ie 16 points) for non FACRRM supervisors

The AST application form will be updated to remove questions around the GP mentor.

No, changes are not mandatory but training organisations may choose to revise forms and process to take advantage of the flexibility provided in the outcome standards.

1 January 2021.

Training Organisation Standards

Two mandatory indicators have been added, requiring training organisations to ensure that by 1 January 2022:

  • All ACRRM registrars have the support of a Fellow of ACRRM throughout Core Generalist and Advanced Specialised Training, irrespective of training location. The Fellow may be supporting the registrar as a supervisor or medical educator, and
  • Medical educators communicate with registrars and their supervisors to review performance and progress, at minimum each six months, throughout Core Generalist and Advanced Specialised Training.
Changes to standards

Advanced Specialised Training

Changes to AST

The 6 monthly supervisor report is being replaced by a progressive report completed each 3 months by the registrar and supervisor.

Registrars are strongly encouraged to undertake case based discussions with their supervisor in addition to formative mini Clinical Evaluation Exercises (miniCEXs). In procedural ASTs some miniCEXs may be replaced by Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS).

No, only ASTs governed by ACRRM.

The AST Plan and Progress Report plus workplace based assessments (WBA), and course certificates are to be sent to their training organisation and copied to the College.

For the College to gain

  • a better understanding on the types of posts that are most suited to AST for example metro, regional or rural posts and
  • feedback on the new form and process.

The responsibility for support and monitoring of registrars remains with the training organisation.

The College will make them available on the Assessment Forms page.

Registrars are expected to comply with these requirements. Please reinforce the new reporting requirements.

The College will exercise some discretion around completion of training in 2021 for those who have not fully complied.